...we can only be human together...
...we can only be human together...
...we can only be human together...

I have pure joy seeing how satisfied and beautiful those I do make-ups for turn out

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11 May 2022
5 minutes read
I have pure joy seeing how satisfied and beautiful those I do make-ups for turn out

I fell in love with facial make-up at the age of ten.

While I was in primary school here in Otukpo, Benue State - I attended St Francis Nursery and Primary School - I went on holiday to our village, Ochobo, in Ohimini Local Government Area of the State, and saw my half-sister's made-up face and she looked beautifully different. 

Since then, I developed an interest in make-up.

My name is Joy Ene Okwoli.

Ene translates to "Good Mother" in our language. It is said that I am the reincarnation of my dad's mother. I do not know if I am. I did not even know her. 

I am going to be twenty-two years old on 25  December 2022. Yes, I was born on Christmas Day in 2000. 

I have been living with my aunt, my dad's older sister, Christianah Ujah, here in Otukpo, since I was six years old. I am the second of my mum's five children for my dad. She is the last of his three wives. My dad is a farmer in our village.

I attended Divine Mercy Secondary School, in the village, from 2012 to 2017.

My aunt bought me an Android phone when I was fifteen years old and I was seeing a lot of stuff about make-up online.

So, from there, my passion for make-up grew and I told my aunt, who is about seventy years old now, and a widow, that I would like to pursue it as a career, but she was not supportive. She did not have a high regard for women who wore make-ups. She believed they were prostituting. A retired nurse, she advised that I should go for auxiliary nursing.

Besides that I do not like the sight of blood, all I am interested in is doing make-up and I insisted to my aunt.

Anyhow, I got a job as a salesgirl in a company in Otukpo selling flour and other products for baking.

But, I did not lose focus of my goal: to be a make-up professional.

I began to save some money from my little salary.

Eventually, I was able to enrol for facial make-up training at Rosiecosmetics. One of my neighbours who had trained there recommended the place to me.

The training cost fifteen thousand Naira for a month. I had saved about twenty thousand Naira. 

I enrolled for a three-month training.

The owner of Rosiecosmetics, Rita Okoh,  allowed me to pay for one month to start. She even gave me the third month free of charge.

The training started from how to carve the brow - the most important part of make-up - through the application of foundation - how to blend perfectly - to full face make-up. 

With the training done, and a certificate in the bag - I finished on 12 March 2021 - I was able to start my own enterprise, though it is a mobile operation for now. 

My aunt, who had frowned at my becoming a make-up artist, has been supportive and encouraging me: she gave me money to buy some of the tools needed for the training such as a set of brushes, foundation, and powder pallette and on completion of my training, she also bought me the portable make-up box which I now use for my make-up home service and during events such as weddings and birthdays. 

My first job was a wedding here in Otukpo, on 17 April 2021, where I did make up for the bride, her mum and three sisters and I got paid ten thousand Naira. I was connected to the client by my half-sister - her name is Christianah Elaigwu - whose facial make-up got me interested in the art. Elaigwu is our dad's name while my own surname is my grandad's. 

For a birthday make-up, we charge two thousand Naira. But, sometimes, I charge lower, to attract customers. 

I have also been getting references from my satisfied customers. For instance, it was one of such persons who recommended my service to the guests at the traditional wedding today whose make-up I came for.

For now, I go to studios to create awareness for my outfit which I have named Joy's Facebeat. I also created a logo which includes a motto: "…your beauty is my priority."

Indeed, it is how beautiful the persons I make-up turn out, and how satisfied they are, that has been my joy, pure joy. I am also happy that I do not have to depend on others for money for some basic things that I need.

I look forward to more training in more areas. I also look forward to opening my own beauty parlour and making a big name for myself in this business. I shall remain focused and grow gradually.

I can be reached through +234 903 778 8096.


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